We specialize in the repair and restoration of classic American and British cars and trucks. We have serviced everything from Model A’s, MGB, Muscle cars, Chevy, Chevelle, Corvette, Camaro, Pickup, Ford, Mustang, Falcon, Galaxy, Packard, Dodge, Plymouth, Austin Healey, Triumph, MG,  Jaguar and countless other antique automobile’s and old cars.

I originally purchased my Firebird for my son and I to have a project we could do.  He lost interest in the car (girls) and I was left with a project car needing quite a bit of work.  I wound up having to strip the car down to basically nothing and rebuilt the entire thing (not show car quality but pretty nice).  As I removed the interior I noticed that some of the harness wiring was burnt (fire????), yikes!  I thought I'd try to band aid the harness but it was too far gone so I ordered a harness from a company that said it is painless.  I was able to put most of the wires back but when I did some of the features that worked no longer did.  I thought this was a drop in replacement but I was wrong.  I then went on the net in search of a local company but most of them wanted a million dollars and my 1st born.  I finally found Classic Car Solutions and contacted Dave to discuss my issue.  Dave said to bring it by and he'd take a look at it.  In no time at all he solved the problem and had my bird running with all lights doing what they needed to.  About a year went by when I started having another issue with the bird.  It would start but then cut off.  I called Dave again but this time he simply diagnosed the problem over the phone and presto once again it was running.

I threw a bit of humor in my testimonial but in all seriousness these folks really know there industry.  I would recommend Dave and Rim to anyone that is a novice like me to either have them do the car or use them as consultants on the tough areas.

Thanks Dave and Rim for helping me with my project.  My wife and I really enjoy taking the car to the local ice cream shop, it's a head turner.


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I had a very frustrating time with my 1929 Model A. I tried for over a year to get the thing running correctly. No matter what I did, it never ran right. I finally called Dave and asked for some professional assistance (since I was getting nowhere throwing new parts and money at the thing). Within a few days, Dave contacted me with his recommendations and list of parts. A week later after I order the parts (at least I could do that) Dave had my car starting and running like I've never seen it. In hindsight, waiting a year was my biggest mistake - I almost sold the car I was so frustrated!


I am new to the classic car restoration projects.  I bought this car to learn from but ultimately enjoy.  When I bought the car I brought it to what I thought was a trusted mechanic with OneStop Auto, but they really disappointed me after a month of having the car.  I then was referred to Progressive Auto and again after more than a month they told me they don’t have the skill to work on the older cars.  Both of these mechanic shops weren’t keeping me updated, pushing off my car to get the newer cars through their queues making money.  I was very frustrated but then I heard about Classic Car Solutions.  It was like a breath of fresh air working with these guys.  They truly have a passion for what they do and care about the customer and their reputation.  David and Rim were amazing and explained everything to me and gave me sound realistic advice rather than just trying to make a quick buck.  They kept me updated constantly and were open to me stopping by anytime to see the progress.  I was not disappointed and will always go back to these gentlemen for any help or assistance as needed.  I highly recommend them.


I had an antique car that ran poorly for years, seriously - YEARS. I simply never got around to diagnosing and fixing it. Dave took on the job and in the course of 4 weeks, solved all my technical problems. I wanted turn key service and he provided. I gave him my car and when I got it back it was running smoothly. I probably could have fixed it, but I am just too old to spend time underneath a car anymore.
Thank goodness somebody can still do things the old-fashioned way; with quality and patience. I was pleasantly surprised at how affordable the service was. Thank You Dave for a job well done. 


I recently experienced the opportunity to have classic car solutions perform front end frame work on my 1968 mustang. I was totally pleased with their courtesy,professionalism, and quality of work. I was not only contacted for recommendations that should be performed, but also given the opportunity to come by their shop and visually witness the situation before any extra work was performed.
Great place for your classic car solutions. Thanks so much Dave and Rim.


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