Our Projects

This is a 1973 MGB on steroids. It sports a Kenne Bell Buick V-6 engine with a 5 speed transmission. We stripped it down, did some miner body repairs primed it then off to paint. This is a base coat clear coat finish.

We added the front spoiler to give it a sporty look.

This is a 1967 Chevelle power disc brake conversion.

This is a 1969 Mustang. We have done other work on this car but now we doing an engine job. The engine had little to no oil pressure and low power.

After a complete overhaul this engine will have plenty of oil pressure and plenty of power. We will update as project continues.

This is a 1970 Triumph 2000. This car is driven regularly by it's owner and his wife. They take it on several road trips every year up and down the east coast. The car was in pretty good shape but did have some ware and tear issues. It also had some wiring issues and at one time had a small electrical fire. After sorting out the electrical problems we moved to the front end. Luckily we got there just in time as the rag joint on the steering column was completely severed in multiple places. We installed the new rag joint then removed the power steering rack, cleaned it resealed it and installed new P.S. hoses. We rebuilt the front struts cleaned and painted them then moved to the rear suspension. We completely rebuilt the rear independent suspension with new bushings, u-joints, stub-axles spring rubbers and a real good cleaning. The carburetors received a through rebuilding and now the car runs,steers,and handles as it should.  

We specialize in the repair and restoration of classic American and British cars and trucks. We have serviced everything from Model A’s, MGB, Muscle cars, Chevy, Chevelle, Corvette, Camaro, Pickup, Ford, Mustang, Falcon, Galaxy, Packard, Dodge, Plymouth, Austin Healey, Triumph, MG,  Jaguar and countless other antique automobile’s and old cars. 

The parts we needed were unavailable however after several attempts we were able to make the parts we needed. The fuel tank and float were completely rusted out so we sent it to Looper and they were able to restore the tank.. We installed a new float and an electric fuel pump for easy start up's and now the engine starts and runs very nicely. We repaired the brake system and the front end and a few other things and now our client enjoys driving this beautiful automobile on a regular basses. We specialize in sorting out and finishing projects.

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This is a 1968 Mustang GT with a 390 big block and a 4 speed trany. This is a one owner car purchased new in 68 buy our costumer. At some point a few years ago the battery boiled over and leaked acid onto the frame increasing the rusting situation of the front frame rails.Replacement frame rails are readily available as this is a common problem. We dissembled the front of the car to determine where to start the repair. After cutting out the bad parts we did some rustproofing before adding the new frame parts. We added reinforcement sleeves inside the frame to make it even stronger than the original frame. We welded in the new frame parts with normal weld beads and spot welds. We grind down the high spots, rustproof and repaint everything so it looks real nice. In the end you can't even tell there was ever a repair. Our costumer was very pleased with the job.

This is a 1953 Kaiser Golden Dragon. This car came to us after being at a restoration shop for many,many,many years. Most of the car was done very nicely and our client really loves this car. The main problems were every time he wanted to drive the car the battery would be dead. He would jump start it but the car ran so poorly that he could not even drive it. Also the brake hydraulics needed to be completely redone and the steering linkage was left loose. We diagnosing the battery problem to a %100 draw on the battery due to a screw driven into the wire harness in the A pillar.

After repairing the wiring we installed a new battery and a battery tender. The drive-ability problem as you can see was the fuel system. We rebuilt the carburetor and discovered some missing parts.

Here is our previously restored beautiful 1957 Chevy Belair in for some maintenance and a few minor repairs.

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